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You and the team are stuck on a problem, and you don't know what to try next.  You call a meeting, and sit together in a room until everyone is scraping the bottom of the barrel of ideas - you have been at it for two and a half hours, and somebody says "what about magnets?", a sure sign that you are out of useful ideas.  Half your team has not said a word.

Brainstorming meetings at their best can be inspiring, but the work does not get done in the meeting.  Some of your most creative people do their best work at their desk, and the meeting format misses out on their input.  Also, a few words on a dry erase board do not capture the potential of the concept, which takes concentrated effort to sort out.

Over the last 30 years, I have developed a brainstorming meeting technique that brings the team together for 30-45 minutes of idea generation, followed by assigning the highest potential concepts to the people most excited about them to be developed and reported on over the following 24 hours.  I can lead this meeting and get the best creative input from your team, while bringing my knowledge and experience to bear on your problem.

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