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Mechanical Design

You have a sketch on a napkin.  I can help you turn it into a CAD model (SolidWorks or Onshape),  3d print prototypes so you can see exactly what it looks like, add features that make it injection mold-able, and make the  drawings you need to document the design and order parts.

You need an independent technical review of your design for a formal design review, or to give you additional engineering expertise in discussions with your contract manufacturer.  I have the experience to understand your design, and help make it better.

Your design has too many parts, and parts are costly.  The costs of carrying parts you don't need is much higher than you think (one previous employer estimated it at $50,000 per part per year, on top of the part cost)  You have to audit suppliers, inventory the parts, maintain the drawings, review the contracts, document the assembly, validate the connection to other parts, pay someone to pick up each part and add it to the assembly, and pay someone else to verify it was done correctly.  I can review your design for parts count efficiency, compare it to a theoretical minimum number of parts, and iterate the design to reduce parts count.  

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