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JP Med Design Packages

​Sometimes you just need someone to execute.  We have seen it all, and can come up to speed on your systems quickly and efficiently, then execute what you need in a timely and professional manner.


The packages listed below are just examples.   Contact us and we'll be put together a custom plan to meet your needs. 

There is no better introduction

than working together.  These are some of the simplest ways to meetJP Med Design and learn what we can do for you.

Mechanical Design



You have the concept for a great new device.  We can help turn ideas into elegant, cost effective hardware.

  • Design Specification Development

  • Design for Human Use

  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly

  • Design of injection molded components

  • Breadboards

  • Prototypes

  • Bench Testing

  • Design-Build-Test loops


Risk Management



You have an audit coming, and your team does not see the value in Risk Management work.  They don't have the bandwidth.  We can get you on track, with an approach that emphasizes the value of Risk Analysis, and minimizes the pain. 


  • Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

  • Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

  • Hazard Analysis

  • Risk Management Report

  • Review of Risk Management Procedures




You have a problem.  Something is breaking, re-order rates are too low, the clinical results do not meet expectations.  It happens to everyone.  Morale is down, and the team is out of fresh ideas.  We can help them shake out and explore new concepts with a focused mind-map and assigned exploration process developed over the years.


  1. Prepare for the Brainstorming Session

  2. Moderate the Brainstorming Session

  3. Follow Up Work, Brainstorming Report

Presentation Preparation



You have a board presentation, a presentation to investors, or part of sales training, but your internal staff is too close to the topic to stay objective and give frank and honest feedback.  You need the unbiased input of a third party to tighten up your slide deck, tell you what is unclear, and help you get your point across.


  1. Define the goals of the presentation

  2. Review the slide deck

  3. Practice, practice, and practice

Independent Reviewer



You are holding a design review, but you are running lean - nobody on your team is truly "Independent".  We are. 


  1. Review of Design Control Systems

  2. Design Review

  3. Final Report

Custom Packages



We'd be happy to put together a custom plan to help your medical product group in any way we can.  Contact us to get the process started.

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