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Paraschac's Law

The official wording of Paraschac's law is, "Subtle $#!+ don't work". 


It's easy to forget how miraculous tissue is, how unpredictable it's response is to a lifetime of dietary and exercise choices, how genetics can change everything.  If your device is not working, you need to make significant changes, you will not finesse something and get a dramatic improvement, because the noise in your target tissue overwhelms the small changes you make.  I have seen calcifications in vessels that look like crystal flowers, I have seen the "bifurcation" in a femoral artery split into 4 distinct vessels instead of 2.  Stop imagining that filleting a corner will suddenly make everything work perfectly.

Lesson 1: Be Bold!  It is really unlikely that your device only needs to be a little smoother, a little stronger, or a little more flexible, if you want improvements you have to really change something.

Lesson 2: Stop arguing over similar options!  How much time have you wasted discussing minor differences in curvature, angle, thickness, etc.  The tissue will not let you even differentiate between these subtleties, pick one and go!

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